Dan Wang

International Director

Dan Wang is the Director of International Development and a partner in Destination Space. Dan, who resides in Chengdu, China, has 20 years of experience in real estate development and management. He has managed multi large scale real estate projects and cultural tourism projects such as high-end apartments complexes, hotel development, tourism and agricultural real estate, commercial centers, theme park development, and overseas real estate. He has been involved in over 300 million square feet of development projects.

Dan has a Bachelor degree in Architecture and is a Certified Commercial Investment Member. He is President of CHG Real Estate and works with the Yin Gu Group, Homnicen Group, and the Continental Hope Group. He has been or is currently working on projects such as the China Rose Valley, Hua GuoYuan, Star Vally, Maoxian Diexi Songpinggou Valley (AAAA scenic area), Maoxian Diexi Songpinggou Valley Hotel Complex, Chengdu Back to Atlantis Theme Park, Chengdu Poseidon palace Hotel (7-star that has completed its planning and design phase), Hainan Mumian Lake Tropical Rain Forest Park (AAAA scenic area, 35 km2 - phase-I under construction), and the Hainan Mumian Lake Rain Forest Resort Hotel (2,000 guestrooms that has completed its planning and design phase).

Other projects include the Hainan Qizi Bay Resort Hotel (120 guestrooms, 5-star standard), the Chengdu Atlantis (666 acres, has completed its Phase-4 villa development and construction), the Hope Outlets Town (1 million square feet,) the Shuangliu Hope Commercial City (4 million square feet commercial complex), and the Hainan Mumian Lake International Tourist Resort (phase-I planning area of 1,800 acres with floor area of 333 acres). He has worked for both the Beijing Yingu Group and Guizhou Homnicen Group.