Space is the greatest of all frontiers, and nothing could be more important than advancing human exploration of the cosmos to better understand its vastness, diversity, and meaning.

Welcome to Destination Space USA, a globally-focused entity whose mission is to attract, inspire and educate millions of people to prepare for careers and travel in supersonic and hypersonic flight and space exploration. We do so by partnering with cutting edge educators and learning institutions to bring the experience of space travel down to earth for people of all ages across the globe.

Working with its partners, advisory members and others in the United States and internationally, Destination Space USA collaborates to develop and promote educational programming for use at learning institutions, aeronautical camps, edutainment parks and other forums. We seek out partners who think outside the box and have a long-term vision of the totality of the educational/STEM experience in our lives and the value of a more connected world and universe.